New AEO Accreditation for Vision Means Greater Confidence for Customers

AEO Accreditation

Last week, Vision received a long-awaited certificate confirming their acceptance and new status as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

With less than 500 companies in the UK receiving this prestigious status, Vision joins Fujifilm, Philips Electronics, Boots, BMW, General Motors, BAE Systems and Mothercare as it has been officially recognised as providing sufficient evidence of good customs controls and procedures.

The international mark of quality also has other benefits including:

  • A greater traceability of goods
  • Quicker and priority access through customs
  • Fewer delays

Registration for the AEO status is time-consuming and subject to intense scrutiny with HMRC assessing many parts of the business from finances to shipping procedures. Open to businesses who are involved in trading with EU and Non-EU countries, this is yet another recognition of quality behind the Vision name.

Furthermore, it means that customers can enjoy their luxury Liddell products with fewer delays and thus instils greater confidence when buying with the global textiles giant.

With the Vision shop launching on the 1st of December, the quality mark could not come at a better time with the run up to the Christmas period.

When accessing the Vision shop, visitors will have access to the entire core range of Vision products from all leading product brands; the luxurious Liddell product brand, synonymous with elegance and class and favoured by hospitality venues worldwide, the Hilden performance range, trusted and respected by the hospitality and laundries sector and the specialist Whitakers range including an outstanding range of fit for purpose, flame retardant textiles designed with healthcare in mind.

To enjoy the full range of Liddell products or to browse our other product brands, please visit the Vision shop at and pre-register for an account today.

Posted 29th November, 2016