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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Vision Support Services offices ensure all manufacturing partners comply with all local, social & ethical legislation and can arrange independent third party auditing to customer and end user standards.


We offer quality assurance, to AQL. Working to standards all offices are run and staffed by local nationals who are professionally qualified and experienced.


Vision are able to provide a structured service of scheduling and merchandising/stock control. This can be integrated into the provision of a full logistical service culminating in the delivery of product to the doorstep of your choice anywhere in the world.


Vision ensures manufacturing partners comply with all local environmental licensing and operational requirements. We can facilitate external auditing when required.

Fair Dealing

Thousands of people within local communities and throughout our worldwide supply chain and local communities depend on the success and conduct of our business. The magnitude of this responsibility is something we take very seriously here at Vision.

We also take our impact on the environment very seriously and make the following commitments:

Carbon Footprint

We aim to make our operations carbon neutral as quickly as possible – maximizing our use of renewable energy and utilising offsetting only as a last resort. We aim to help our customers and suppliers cut their carbon emissions wherever possible.

Waste Reduction

Our goal is to minimise packaging whilst maximising our use of recyclable materials. Over the medium term, we aim to ensure that none of our product or packaging ends up as landfill. We will provide our customers with innovations to encourage them to also make these adjustments.

Product Sustainability

We work hard to ensure that our key raw materials come from the most sustainable sources available. Where appropriate, we aim to promote organic and fair-trade products and broaden our offer to customers and consumers.