Investing in your guest’s sleep experience

Luxury mattress enhancer

A mattress enhancer is an extension of the mattress. They work to give an all round more comfortable experience for guests – providing a little bit of extra height and cushioning for the bed. Here at Liddell we would suggest all hotel beds make use of the wonderfully comfortable mattress enhancers on offer. Not only do they provide extra comfort for guests, they are also the perfect way to refresh a slightly older mattress, injecting new life into your hotel beds and making it feel like brand new.

Our collection of sumptuous enhancers is perfect if you’re offering a luxury stay for your guests. When teamed with a mattress protector you can ensure your guests are experiencing the ultimate in comfort, whilst also catering for those with allergies by protecting against dust mites and allergens. You will still want to use sheets over your chosen mattress enhancer and as you’ve given your bed extra depth it’s always good to note you may need to choose slightly larger sheets to fit over everything.

Posted 15th August, 2014