Introducing The Brand New Titanic Replica Linen Collection

Liddell Titanic Linen

Created to commemorate our rich history and esteemed heritage, a brand new collection of Titanic replica table linen is now available to purchase through the Vision shop.

As Vision celebrated Liddell’s 150th anniversary last year, the textiles giant set upon paying homage to the significant milestone of it’s heritage rich product brand by conducting a major research project, culminating in a Liddell history book.

The company celebrated the anniversary with its top customers by taking them back to days gone by with a five-star trip around the Kent countryside on board the Belmond British Pullman which was created around the same period as the linen and the RMS Titanic.

As well as this, the company has spent time reproducing a table linen collection that replicated the linen which would have adorned the tables of the first class dining lounges on board the entire fleet of OSNC vessels including the RMS Titanic, Olympic and Britannic in a contract that would have been worth around £250,000 today.

Liddell Titanic Table Linen Collection

Adorned with the OSNC logo, the table linen collections feature a napkin set, large tablecloth or set with decorative memorabilia box. Crafted from 100% linen, the mitred corners and unapologetic luxury of the range also includes a plain 15mm hem.

The Titanic table linen was created in conjunction with famed Titanic historian and author of numerous Titanic history books, Tom McCluskie MBE.

With deep-rooted connections to the RMS Titanic, Tom said:

I am the former Harland and Wolff Archive and Administration Manager under which role I held responsibility for the companies historical records including of course that of the RMS Titanic.

I have authored several books on maritime history and presented lectures world wide on the topic,  I also acted as technical consultant to 20th Century Fox and director James Cameron on the 1997 film “TITANIC”  and am currently engaged as technical consultant on the Seven Seas Leisure project to reconstruct a replica of the RMS Titanic in China.  In 1998 I was honoured to receive an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen for my work in preserving maritime history and in particular that of the RMS Titanic.

I was delighted to be asked by Vision to advise them on their intention to reproduce a replica of the table linen used in First Class on the RMS Titanic.  William Ewart Ltd were one of the original linen manufacturers and suppliers to the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company (OSNC) who were the owners of the White Star Line operators of the RMS Titanic among many other ships.

A common misconception is that White Star Line were the owners of the RMS Titanic which is not the case and I was particularly delighted when the modern day incarnation of the original company were determined to reproduce the original pattern linen as supplied to the ship. According the OSNC logo and ornamental decoration was embossed into the material to recreate exactly the First Class napery. This strict attention to authentic and historical detail presents the purchaser with a window into time of a bygone age of elegance and luxury.

Available for a limited time only, Vision have worked extensively to use the very same fabrics whilst ensuring the quality, elegance and luxury of the Liddell range is realised.

Upon seeing the commemorative Titanic linen, Tom said:

“I must say in a word “stunning”  The quality and workmanship is a credit to Ewart Liddell and it actually feels like one is holding a piece of history in ones hands.

Uniquely you have recreated the accurate OSNC table linen or to put it more succinctly you have recreated history to a degree of accuracy unsurpassed to the present day.”

Take a look at our Titanic linen collection to collect your very own piece of history and a keepsake to treasure forever.

Read more about our 150-year history in our very own Liddell History Book. We’ve also made a video that sums up our history, which you can watch below.

Posted 30th January, 2017