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From the maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912, to the modern-day fineries of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, our linen has stood the test of time and luxury.Liddell’s reputation speaks for itself, or rather, whispers invitingly amidst the world’s most exclusive settings. Here are just some of the clients we are proud to serve.

Seal of Approval

No matter what the sector, or what the source, every product we deliver comes with the Vision Support Services Seal of Approval. Our renowned product stamp guarantees a minimum standard of quality, service and responsibility – offering complete peace of mind.It’s all thanks to our vast experience and in-depth technical knowledge. We pride ourselves on the standard-setting reliability of our products and our service, across all of our brands.

It’s a responsibility we take extremely seriously and constantly review, with a programme of ongoing assessment of our working practices and partners. This means that every product that leaves us and arrives at your door, carries the Vision Seal of Approval – the unique assurance of quality trusted around the world, across every single accommodation sector.

Signed, sealed and delivered with care

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make sure all our manufacturing partners comply fully with all local, social and ethical legislation. We can also arrange independent third party auditing to match your, or your own customers’ exact standards.


Our service is ideally structured for reliability across scheduling, merchandising and stock control. A structure that can seamlessly integrate into a full logistical service that delivers to the doorstep of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Fair Dealing

We know that thousands of people living and working in local communities depend on the success and conduct. That’s why we take our commitment to them very seriously. The VSS Seal of Approval is a commitment to fair dealing, all over the world.


All our offices offer quality assurance to AQL. Run and staffed by local nationals, every member of our team is professionally qualified and experienced.


Wherever our manufacturing partners happen to be, they all comply with local environmental licensing and operational standards. As a further guarantee, they can all facilitate external auditing, whenever needed.

Seal Of Approval

Global Network

Environmental approval

Carbon Footprint

As a business, our mission is to make our operations carbon neutral, as early as possible. That means we use renewable energy whenever possible and use offsetting only as a last resort. We’ll also actively try to help our customers and suppliers cut their carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction

We’re constantly looking for new ways to use less packaging and more recyclable materials. This means trying to make sure none of our products or packaging end up as landfill, providing our customers with new innovations to encourage them to do the same.

Product Sustainability

We work hard to make sure the raw materials in all of our products come from only the most sustainable sources. Where possible, we aim to promote our organic and fairtrade products, adding more and more sustainable options to our range.