Rich with heritage, Liddell provided the luxury linen for the RMS Titanic

Titanic RMS dinner room

The Captain’s table was laid with Liddell Irish table linen

A century has passed since the world’s most luxurious liner, RMS Titanic, sailed on its maiden voyage from Southampton. When Harland and Wolf completed the build in 1911, more than 100,000 people turned up on the shores of the Lagan River in Belfast to watch it slip off without a hitch. The Titanic was the epitome of excellence, and indeed the finest liner ever built. It was renowned for unsurpassed luxury. Amongst the very best of furniture, glass, silverware, chandeliers and food, White Star Line chose Liddell for the table linens for the finest dining rooms, including the captain’s table, and also for the luxury bed linens on board. The world’s most luxurious liner met with destiny on April 15th, 1912 taking with it the cream of society including the lives of thousands.

The production team at Liddell were very proud to be invited to produce the linens for the ship’s maiden voyage. And now, a century later, you can still enjoy the luxury that worlds finest insisted on having in the world’s greatest liner.

Titanic RMS Ship

How it all began

The story began when two rival linen companies were founded; William Ewart & Company Ltd in 1898 and William Liddell & Company in 1902. In 1908 the two companies joined forces, working together to produce some of the worlds best linen. They grew famously and became the largest linen manufacturers and exporters in Northern Ireland. Today the Liddell brand name is maintained in Northern Ireland through its sales and design office in Lisburn.

Posted 11th June, 2014